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Does it work with Typed DataSet ?

first post: guim7 wrote: I need to transfert very large typed datasets via remoting and I w...

Can work in Silverlight?

first post: erisonliang wrote: Hi,Does this library can work in Silverlgiht?- Erison

latest post: pavangayakwad wrote: Yes, me too looking for the same. Any plans around this?

null ref exeception

first post: ismailm wrote: hello,i am attempting to use chunktransporter and i have the follow...

Remoting format property

first post: sghorp wrote: Hi, I tried using the chunktransporter DLL in my project and I am g...

transport over internet

first post: repetti wrote: I cant seem to get this to work remotely for some reason. The pr...

Security Issue using IIS svc

first post: wortho wrote: Hi there, This solution is great for transporting our data - howev...

latest post: guyeden wrote: Hello again, Steve. Why did you choose IIS to host your service ...

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